Prevent Price Scrapers

Competitors often steal pricing data from ecommerce/product catalog websites using bots to undercut their prices as a beat-down strategy.

eDNA to the rescue
TeDNA empowers you to take preset action against malicious price scraping bots. You can challenge a bot with a CAPTCHA, feed fake data to it, block it from accessing your site or use your own business logic asking for credentials, SMS OTP etc.

Zero False Positives Guaranteed. eDNA ensures that genuine users, search engine crawlers and price comparison entities stay unaffected

Prevent unauthorized content duplication and loss of competitive advantage

Competitors harvesting your content
Bots sent by competitors steal your pricing strategies after analysing trend and in turn with the aim to gain an unfair business advantage. The stolen data is used in other sites across the Web and some even sell the data for a profit.

In order to build up a behavioral profile eDNA uses Machine Learning to continuously monitor many risk attributes, or what we call 'fingerprints'. These include:

  • Unknown devices
  • High risk IP addresses
  • Suspicious login locations
  • Tor usage
  • Whitelist and blacklist countries
  • Velocity checking
  • Geo-location anomalies
  • Project Honey Pot
  • AlienVault Open Threat Exchange


Using the the eDNA API real-time requests for each users credibility is made. Each request is given a real-time risk score based on our machine learning techniques which covers 250+ technical and behavioural attributes. The score -  is returned within 200 milliseconds – if the score returned is 1 the request being made is blacklisted. Where a score less than 1 is returned for the given request,  the requester can either be challenged or be fed bad data. Where a score of 0 is returned the request is considered not to be suspicious and will be able to access your website & applications as usual.
Customized Security