Prevent Spam

Form spam, comment spam, fake registrations, and rogue reviews and product listings pollute your site and backend systems.

Complete Insight

eDNA CAPTCHA report shows you how many CAPTCHAs were served, attempted and solved. Ready to get more aggressive? Predictive analytics show you how your traffic will be affected when dialing up or down device rate limits such as pages per minute, pages per session, and session length.

eDNA deep interrogation validates there is a human behind the browser. Even carding bots that mimic human behavior with tools like Selenium can’t escape eDNA detection.

Stop annoying your visitors with fake comments

Stop bots from infiltrating your comment and form fields, and posting malcious text, gibberish and spam.

Protect your users from rogue product advertisements and scams

Stop low quality backlinks from diminishing your SEOStop form spam and maintain a cleaner database of form submissions

eDNA automatically filters out comment, form and track-back spam for you, so you can focus on more important things.

In order to build up a behavioral profile eDNA uses Machine Learning to continuously monitor many risk attributes, or what we call 'fingerprints'. These include:

  • Unknown devices
  • High risk IP addresses
  • Suspicious login locations
  • Tor usage
  • Whitelist and blacklist countries
  • Velocity checking
  • Geo-location anomalies
  • Project Honey Pot
  • AlienVault Open Threat Exchange


Using the the eDNA API real-time requests for each users credibility is made. Each request is given a real-time risk score based on our machine learning techniques which covers 250+ technical and behavioural attributes. The score -  is returned within 200 milliseconds – if the score returned is 1 the request being made is blacklisted. Where a score less than 1 is returned for the given request,  the requester can either be challenged or be fed bad data. Where a score of 0 is returned the request is considered not to be suspicious and will be able to access your website & applications as usual.
Customized Security