About eDNA

We proudly protect against millions bots and scrapers.

Bots with malicious intent represent a significant percentage of web traffic, and information security professionals need to understand and quantify the risk represented by automated attacks against web applications. Airlines, meta search engines, OTAs, eCommerce websites, Media Publishing houses, are being scraped on a daily basis in an industrial scale. The automation involved in this traffic can have significant adverse effects to your brand.
Competitors in the travel industry are deploying Bots to carry out daily scrapes and are using this data to benchmark your route performance to gain competitive advantage, your server hardware is being used that can cause your website to run slow and in cases cause downtime. With many bots scraping simultaneously this can also cause long-term SEO damage, hurting your analytical marketing metrics and will impact on potential customers to purchasing your products via third party resellers thus limiting your chances of up-sell and cross sell opportunities
eDNA protects your website using a user’s e-DNA, (electronically Defined Natural Attributes) a unique set of algorithms that determine if a user is a bot or a human. With eDNA your customer data, incentive pricing, pricing information, editorial content and more is protected from bots.